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Starfruit Curd with Tropical Fruit…RECIPE

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absobloominutely-stephanie asked: Hey babe, how are you? Your blog is fantabbyfreakingtastic btw :D !! I was wondering if you have any advice, I'm finding it hard to stay motivated to work out and change my body I don't know why I'm not motivated ... Or don't have any drive ... I mean I do sometimes but it comes in waves and it's kind of annoying me now I don't know what to do really haha :/ Any tips on getting started or or anything fitness related in general? Thanks heaps xx ily U r awesome! Sorry if this was confusing

Hey thanks gorgeous

tumblr got a great advice,if you want (i just reblog one,so many advice how to start with fitness,workout and so many different things)


HERE  how to stay motivated and if you want to stick with your workout,find something you enjoy doing ,it’s so important

your workout ,don’t have to be a burden for you,for me it was zumba it was so much fun and afterward i could do and enjoy every single workout(strength training,running etc) and i promise you ,i used to hate any single sport or anything

Keep on doing babe and believe in yourself

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